I've made this page to poke myself into sharing a bit of my writing. Or at least telling you about it.  No matter how terrible a writing project is, when I share it I feel like I'm leaving a child out in the middle of a forest to be sacrificed to the malicious wolf gods.

My Shtuff:
-- I have a poem and a short story published in the elementary school curricula put together by idiscoveri, but am not allowed, by contract, to share them.

-- Short story: Hot Chocolate

-- Short story: Explanation of the Zone of Silence

-- Poems and random scribbles

I am no Shakespeare. Or Rowling.  Or Jordan. Or Sanderson. Okay you get the point... but here are my current projects. If you're interested in reading some excerpts, shoot me an email!

1) Title: ---
    Description: A collection of short stories based on the theater.
    Genre: Some fall under realistic fiction, others fall under sci-fi

2) Title: ---
    Description: A story set on Earth many years after a nuclear world war nearly wiped out the human race.  A young woman learns just what it means to be a human, and tries to prevent a lost history from repeating itself.
    Genre: sci-fi/philosophical
    Progess: Currently at 12, 600 words

3) A series of books called "The Sword of Shyelar" the first being "The Hand of Naiteru".  (Planning on writing a series is ambitious, I know.  Let's see if I can manage it!)
   Genre: fantasy

4) Title: ---
    Description: A simple story about someone parasitically destroying a childhood friendship.
    Genre: Realistic fiction, YA

I also have a bunch of other ideas picketing for attention at the back of my head.

If I ever complete all of these, I shall throw a big online party and YOU'RE invited!  Cardboard crowns and owl shaped balloons for all!

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