Quark Soup

Quark Soup is my way of serving science so that just about anyone can 'sip on' it, while increasing my own knowledge. I'm gonna avoid nasty mathematical equations and long drawn complicated explanations no matter how smart they sound, and give you a taste of why science is simply awesome, by looking for interesting materials on the web and maybe adding a few of my own explanations!

The Quark Soup posts can be found here!

I'm currently trying to compile and organize a list of science and computer related websites along with other resources that I find are fun or useful or both.  The following is what I have so far, but expect more to come soon!

Science links:

Computer/technology/IT related:  
BBC Tech News
DaniWeb IT Discussion Community

Math links:
Online Scientific Calculator
Wolfram - mathematical software
Paul's Online Math Notes

By the way, are you wondering what a 'quark' is?

Well, as you may know, all matter - including you, me and the device you're currently using to view this page - is made up of teeny tiny building blocks called 'atoms'.  Atoms are in turn made up of a group of small particles with the appropriate name of 'subatomic particles'.  These subatomic particles are called 'electrons', 'neutrons' and 'protons'.  But the construction of matter doesn't end with these subatomic particles.  Neutrons and protons are made up of even SMALLER particles called quarks!  These quarks fall under the class of 'elementary'  particles because they are not (as of our knowledge right now) made up of anything smaller.