A bigger 'About' than the one on the side

Mirrors, Musings, and Magic is a way to prevent me from exploding due to my almost obsessive-compulsive need to write and ramble and spread the knowledge and wisdom I don't have, when I should really be doing more productive things.

Not only that, it's a way for me to keep track of all the awesome blogs and websites I come across on the web. There are HUNDREDS of sites to learn from and procrastinate with out there!

Oh, and I suppose I should tell you that I'm a 26-year-old aspiring mad professor and author, currently living in India, but who grew up in America, and who is also a girl named Radha. And I like commas very, very much.

As for the explanation behind the name of this 'blog', well, mirrors are shiny, musing is fun, and magic is awesome!

Not satisfied?

Okay, then.

A mirror is a reflecting surface, originally of polished metal but now usually of glass with a silvery, metallic, or amalgam backing, which is often used as a poetic analogy of many touching ideas, and is additionally used in optical experiments, which are of the physics persuasion.

A musing is a contemplation, often meditative and therefore probably very wise.  It is also referred to as a reflection which fits perfectly with the aforementioned first word of our title, wouldn't you say so?

And if I have to explain what magic is then I don't want to talk to you!

I like poetic words and I like science.  I like to daydream.  I like anything that's remotely connected to magic, from fantasy novels, to the little gremlins that make computers work, to my mother's fabulous cooking.

/end over-helpful About page

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