Friday, August 22, 2014

FF: 5 Movies to Procrastinate With

I am an excellent procrastinator.  I've happily been binge watching different tv shows and movies.  I thought I'd spread the procrastination by sharing some of the movies that struck my fancy.

 1) The Man From Earth. An absolute must-watch for anyone who loves books, history, and artistic films.  You should experience it the way I did -- I had no idea what it was about, I just put it on. This is the only movie I suggest you don't look up before watching. I think the plot itself is a big spoiler. This is one of my favourite movies now. Watch it continuously, as it consists of a long conversation. So don't let anyone disturb you!

2) In Bruges. Refreshing and twisted. It's dark drama ribboned with comedic relief.

3) The Grand Budapest Hotel. It's again refreshing and twisted, but in a very popular sense, and with well-known actors. But don't let it's popularity turn you off before you give it a shot.

4) Chocolat. The Johnny Depp movie that makes you crave chocolate like a bitch. It's very artsy. Also Dame Judy Dench is in it and I LOVE her!

5) Primer. Sci-fi, but not the blatant space travel kind. It's about four entrepreneurs and an invention.

I'm open to more recommendations.  No one can get enough of this stuff!


  1. Reco from what I recently watched - Try Hawa Hawaai, More than Honey, Manufactured Landscapes, Her, Locke, Edge of Tomorrow, Bhoothnath Returns, Prisoners. My IMDB list is here

  2. Edge of Tomorrow is awesome, I went I saw it in the theater! And I've definitely been meaning to watch Her. I'll watch it soon. Hadn't heard of the rest. Thanks so much!

    I watched Coherence last night. It was interesting, you should check that one out.