Monday, March 10, 2014

Science and Cats and Shenanigans, oh my!

As much as I enjoy blogging, I am a terrible blogger. My last post was in November, about my acquiring a cat. Arya came into my life, and I promptly disappeared (at least from this place on the web).  So, I completely blame her. Not that I'm going to tell her, of course. She spends way too much time complaining about me on the web anyway, on her own little humour blog: Catomic Theory

It's her diary of sorts, and it's been keeping me busy.

Apart from all things cat, I've been writing science articles on Function Space.

I've begun a series on soft computing, which has so far touched fuzzy logic and evolutionary computing.

Soft Computing: Introduction to Fuzzy Set Theory
Soft Computing 2: Fuzzy Rules
Soft Computing 3: Fuzzy Systems
Soft Computing 4: Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithms

There's an ongoing series on quantum computing too.

Quantum Computing: Introduction to Qubits
Quantum Computing: Concepts and Multiple Qubits
Quantum Computing: Entanglement and Non-locality

There are a couple of general ones as well, with which I hope to pique your interest in science:-

On the Black Hole Firewall Paradox - If you were to fall into a black hole, would you be crushed or burned?

The Nano Brain - A powerful conceptual device inspired by the parallel processing our own brains perform.

Apart from all things science, I've been devouring Doctor Who and stationery.  I made a little Tardis for Arya:

Moved to a new apartment and promptly set up my notebook collection among other things, before any of the other necessities: