Monday, November 4, 2013

Winter is coming... I got me an Arya:

Her middle name is Tempus -- Latin for 'time'. It covers three of my loves: Doctor Who, Wheel of Time, and mythology.

Once she got used to her new home, she went around claiming spots. She was all: "By the way, this is mine. And this. And this."

Her absolute favourite spot is the chair at my desk.  That basically means I end up having to wrestle a highly stubborn and not at all amused kitteh every time I want to work.

I usually lose:

I have sliding glass front doors. Every morning I open them, leaving just the net doors shut for a bit of fresh air. When I did this for the first time, she sat and stared at it for an eternity. I could hear her mentally screaming "SOMETHING IS DIFFERENT OMG I MUST FIGURE THIS OUT!" Then she decided to investigate:

And gave me a sheepish, derpy look when she realized I was watching her:

Arya thinks she's fabulous at hide-and-seek:

She also thinks she's Spiderman:

From time to time she remembers that she's a cat, and shows signs of the Cardboard Box Obsession of her people:

Even though she mostly pretends to be a fearless know-it-all, she does need reassuring once in a while. Watching Disney's 101 Dalmations was a terrifying experience, and required warm towels and lots of snuggles:

She's quite a fiesty little fighter.  I was actually quite proud when she gave the vet's assistant a good bite in self-defense.  Yes, I know I shouldn't have been, but I was.  My little girl takes after her namesake


  1. This kitten is awesome, but her name is possibly more awesome. From now on I think I shall only name animals things out of Doctor Who/WoT/GoT!

    1. Heh, yeah, I kind of feel like getting a whole family of cats, just to name them! But I think I'll settle for turning that cardboard box into a Tardis. :p

      Thanks for stopping by, Tom!

    2. I'd be careful with a Tardis letterbox - that's probably one thing you don't want to be bigger on the inside!