Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TCT - Wearing Milk

Did you know that cloth can be made from milk? I certainly didn’t.  When I happened to spot an article that claimed milk could be used to make clothes, I thought it was some sort of joke.  Of course, I’m a sad little ignorant.  
Apparently milk fiber can be spun into yarn to make fabric that is soft, silky, and shiny.  Not only that, it’s anti-bacterial as well -- something that made the little OCD-clean hand-sanitizer-obsessed nutter inside of me squee.  
Though this sounds relatively new, it isn’t.  Milk fiber was invented in Italy and America in the 1930’s, and called “milk casein”.  It snaked its way into a lot of household products and garments.  Then, last year, a microbiologist and designer from Germany, Anke Domaske, invented an environmentally friendly, antiallergic organic textile called Qmilch -- a combination of ‘quality’ and the German word for milk.  He reduced sour milk to a protein powder, then heated it and spun it into a fabric.  Google images spit out a number of interesting looking Qmilch garments when asked:

...and now I want one.  Got milk?

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  1. That's amazing, Radha. Thanks for the education.

  2. And I thought that there is little scope in Textiles department... but these news compels me to feel that there is good scope in this area also. We have a textile department in IIT Delhi, few of my friends are doing masters/PhD over there.

  3. Yeah, it would be an interesting line of research to look into, Vinay. I was actually thinking about whether people in India have tried this out, when I read about it.

    @Clover and Piper: Cheers. Thanks for stopping by.

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