Friday, October 7, 2011

FF - The Chronicles of an ABCD

Today's FF is of my neglected blog, The Chronicles of an ABCD. It's about India.  Sometimes even *I* forget that I have it.  I plan on updating it more regularly now, at least twice a month, unless Mr. Lazy Procrastination decides to pay me a visit.

For those of you who don't know, ABCD stands for 'American Born Confused Desi'. Yep. That's what I am. I finally decided to admit it. ;)

A few of my non-Indian friends have asked me questions about India, and rather than repeating myself for common questions, I'll just point them to the blog. Provided I remember that it exists.  I'll also post about certain ABCD thoughts and experiences I've had, and my general outlook on life in India.

Here are some of the more-visited posts:

What's India like?

The Ten Indian Traffic Rules

Fair and Lovely (Indians are obsessed with fair skin)

What Cricket Means to India

Where are you from?

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