Wednesday, September 14, 2011


You know, I think my husband might come to regret introducing me to NUMB3RS. It's a tv serial in which a math professor uses mathematical models to help his brother, an FBI field agent, solve crimes.  And I'm OBSESSED.

What thrills me is that a lot of the models the math genius employs are soft computing techniques I've heard about or studied or even used!  I end up smacking my husband without knowing it, in excitement, shouting things like "OH MY GOD HE SAID SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE!! I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!"  As a result, the poor guy is left very bruised -- though slightly amused. :P

The models are explained using very simple, lucid analogies, so just about anyone can understand them. Even if you're someone who is afraid of the word 'math' you should watch at least one episode.  You may just form an appreciation of how beautiful it can be!  I know that watching this show has made me miss some of my favourite courses in college even more.

And then, of course, I end up daydreaming about how bloody awesome it would be if I were a kickass math genius whom the FBI turned to for help.

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