Friday, July 22, 2011

FF - Celtic Mythology

Over the past two days I've been reading a lot about Celtic Mythology.

The stories are absolutely lovely, but let me tell you, a lot of the names given are awesome but unpronounceable!  I sat staring at my screen trying to say them out loud and ended up tripping over my tongue a number of times.  There are names like 'Mygdonia' and Lacedaemonia' and 'Cappadocia' and 'Hyreania'.  Complicated much?

The two sites that I spent HOURS perusing were:
- - which has all sorts of mythology - which has a collection of old Celtic texts.

I also found, but haven't had time to go through it carefully. It looks promising, though, and I did take the image from it!  The picture is of a mythological being whose name complexity I'll leave for you to determine youself.  It is - wait for it!

...The Green Man.


  1. I love that image! Very nice.

    Also, I'm not going to look at those sites because I know I'll be stuck reading them for way too long! :p

  2. you should also read on the aboriginal religion. it is very interesting!!

  3. Good call, Manon. :P

    And, duly noted, Prateet! I plan on learning about as many religions as I can over the next few weeks.