Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Singing Sheep, Dreams, and Getting Ready for Work

The process of waking up is painful.   One moment you're a sorceress with superhuman powers ruling lands and manipulating minions, and the next moment reality comes crashing down on you and you realize you're an average human running on negative adrenaline trying desperately to simultaneously get dressed and gulp down breakfast in an almost futile race against time to get to work.  Well, at least that's how it is for me.


I am one of those people who dream vividly.  Full story plots with complex characters, even more complex situations, and background music to match the mood.  I swear, Hollywood would *weep* with joy if there was a way to record my dreams.  Alas, I don't make the effort to write them down and often forget them as the day progresses.  There are a few that I do manage to remember, and they often inspire my story writing.

Admittedly they make more sense when I'm actually asleep.  For instance, I have no idea why a singing sheep from a Swiss village would follow me into the basement parking lot of a mall to meet a woman in sunglasses from the Russian mafia carrying a baby in whose diaper is a wad of $1 notes, all of which happened just after I had assassinated an evil witch at the top of a mountain who was brewing a plague in her massive cauldron on a bonfire.  No, I'm not exaggerating at all.  This is exactly the fabric with which my dreams are made.

I sometimes have a sort of sleep paralysis when I wake up from a heavy nap, during which only my eyes move, and the real world and my dreams overlap.  Some time ago, I woke up knowing that my husband was in the next room, but at the same time knowing that a group of monks doing yoga had decided to use as their classroom our apartment, which was part of a castle ruin in what I assumed was Italy, for the smell in the air was that of pasta sauce, and in my sleeping head that's apparently what Italy smells like.  I kept trying to call out to my husband to tell him that they needed to go away because I had to get ready for work.  And then I finally got out of bed, got ready for work, and left in my car, only to find that I was in my pjs, and was still, in fact, in bed.

This happened again, this morning.  I thought I was ready for work, and then woke up to find that I really, really wasn't.  It was extremely disappointing.  And painful.


  1. I do the same... I dream that I have woken up and let the cook in... And then wake up to really loud knocking and continuous door-bell ringing; only to realize it was all in the dream! :P

    Nice post Rads. I so love and agree with the line "I swear, Hollywood would *weep* with joy if there was a way to record my dreams." I think mine might be a tad bit weird though! :)

  2. Oh btw its been sometime since my last visit... and I love the new look. :)