Sunday, March 13, 2011

SS - Japan

The Japan disaster that began on March 11th has had most of the world holding its breath in shock and fear.  I know I've been pretty heartbroken about the whole thing.  And it just keeps getting worse! 

So, today, I decided to share a picture of the wreck - one that really hit me:

Everything from the rubble behind this poor woman to the look on her face to the blanket wrapped around her - the only protection she has against the cold weather - really reflect what's been going on.   This is from a BBC news slide show.  Do check it out!  The images are just as powerful and sad as this one.  

I'd also like to comment on how small the world seems because of social networking sites.  People all over the world have been able to follow the horrifying events as they occur.  I hope that knowing the whole world is praying for and supporting them will add to each survivor's strength at least a bit.

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