Tuesday, January 25, 2011


“Are you serious?” 

“Of course I’m serious.  You think I’d joke about something like this?”
“Uh...yeah.  You’ve done it before, you know.”
“Well, I’m not.  Just believe me!”
“This isn’t one of your nasty tricks to get me in trouble again, is it?”
“Oh, come on!  Of course it isn’t.  Don’t you have any faith in me?”
“Not really.”
“Hrmph.  I’m your older brother.  You should learn to trust me.”
“But you get me into trouble all the time!”
“Right, right.  But I promise that this time I really did hear her say that the golden one is in danger. It will die if it stays where it is.”
“So, if I rescue him, she’ll think I’m a hero?”
“Something like that.”
“Why don’t you do it? Don’t you want to be a hero?”
“I’m way too fat to fit in there, kid, you know that!”
“But…it’s wet.  I don’t want to get wet.”
“Do you want to be a hero?  Do you want to be her favourite?”
“Yes, but - ”

“Oh my god, Barbara!  Your stupid cat is in the fish tank again!”

That was a tiny version of the dialogue writing exercise put forth by Brandon Sanderson - a fantastic fantasy writer.  Read his stuff!  Actually, don't.  He makes the rest of us look really, really bad.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Out for Adventures - till March

From http://faslanyc.blogspot.com  

2011 is here and though I DID make a bunch of resolutions I won't keep, I made a couple of 'realistic' resolutions as well. One of them is to take a break from writing for a couple of months to focus on some important things going on 'afk'. This includes taking a break from my on-going projects: a couple of novels, a collection of short stories, and this place (even though I have tried to become more regular here).

And so, off I go to slay evil beasts, hunt for magical treasures, and rescue children in distress!

See you in March!