Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SS - Spinning Dancer Illusion

I'm getting terrible at posting Sunday Snaps on *Sunday*. Every Sunday I think "Hmm what should I post? Eh, I'll do it later." And then 'later' turns out to be Wednesday or Thursday. Or the following Sunday.

Anyway, this is one of my favourite optical illusions:

The dancer is spinning in *both* clockwise and anticlockwise directions. I picked this up from Mighty Optical Illusions - a fun site to procrastinate with!  Here is this illusion's full post.

I prefer the dancer to the spinning cat optical illusion (shown below in the expanded post) as it's much harder to 'switch' the dancer's directions than the cat's.

I really think that this should be called "Schrรถdinger's Dancing Cat" since it's spinning in two directions at once... Did I hear a groan?

What? I'm cheesy! Deal with it.

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