Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SS - Coffee Break

Here's a design I made for a tshirt contest in August.  The theme was: "What do you feel when you wear cotton?"

Cotton, to me, is comfortable.  And when I'm comfortable, I enjoy sipping on a steaming cup of the drink of the gods: coffee!

In order to make it more 'me' I added a bit of geekery to it.  This design actually depicts an infinite loop in the programming language C.  Basically, it says "I don't work. I just keep taking coffee breaks", since 'work' is commented, i.e., the line that says 'work' isn't executed at all.

Unfortunately I never heard back from the people holding the contest.  Not even an acknowledgement of receipt or anything.  Which makes me think I sent it to the wrong address! (That actually sounds like just the sort of thing I'd do.)

Ah, well! 


  1. Aww I'm sad to hear you haven't heard back from them... I hope they're just taking really long!

    I love it, though :D

  2. Nah the contest is over. :( I should probably look for the winners, I'm kinda curious to see what they've come up with!

    But thanks!

    I'm planning on getting this printed on a shirt for myself, anyway! Or maybe a mousepad.