Thursday, September 23, 2010

Procrastinate guilt-free - donate time while slacking off!

If you're anything like me, you laze about sleeping or watching tv, playing games, reading useless articles, and losing yourself in fiction novels in order to put off work till the absolute last moment. After which you enter a state of frenzy which can only be controlled (to a very small extent) by large cups of very strong coffee.

Yet, what if I tell you that I've stumbled upon something that allows you to help people as you play a game that's created to help *you*? enriches your knowledge by asking you questions from a number of different subjects, and donates grains of rice to hungry people every time you answer a question correctly. Do check it out! is run by the United Nations World Food Program, and is completely non-profit. The banners that show up on screen when you play, pay for the rice. One of the recent projects has been to donate rice to the victims of the floods in Pakistan.

You can track your totals and feel good about helping people in need, while improving your vocabulary, arithmetic, and geography at the same time! I think this website is a *brilliant* idea.

Surely spending large amounts of time on helping feed people doesn't count as procrastination!

At least that's what I tell myself when I'm sitting at work and don't feel like doing anything at all! ;)


  1. I generally procrastinate on or on My excuse is it's almost work (in a very odd kindda way, it makes sense to me)... :P

  2. Just like reading Scientific American at work is "work" for me! :D

  3. I just heard about this too... they came up with an app for the iPhone/iPod. making it even easier to procrastinate :-)