Monday, July 19, 2010

I Saved Disney!

I dreamt that my friend and I were the only ones in the world who knew that a secret military was out to hunt down Disney characters. The military planned to hold a fake awards program in which Peter Pan was to receive the Award for Everlasting Youth. Many of the Disney characters were invited, but they were oblivious to the plan to trap and eliminate them. My friend and I were their only hope to survive.

We attended the awards program, and I followed Peter Pan up on stage when his name was called. Then, not unlike the scene from The Sound of Music when the Von Trapp family fled from the stage before anyone could realize what was happening, I grabbed Peter Pan and we escaped, though he protested because he thought I was robbing him of a genuine award and he didn’t know who I was at all. My friend somehow managed to round up the rest of the Disney characters.

Our plan was to head towards the Beast’s castle, where we would bring all of the inanimate objects to life and use them as an army. We made it to the castle safely, but the military was not far behind.

They started shooting at the palace with their tanks. Belle and the Beast couldn’t remember how to bring the inanimate objects to life, and Genie’s spells weren’t working for some reason, either. We had nothing to defend ourselves with, no weapons except for the swords the suits of armor had, but we knew that a sword wouldn’t be able to face a gun.

The enemy broke into the main gate and ran across the castle grounds, attacking. Some of the characters went out to fight them off with clocks and knives and a piano in hand, and for a moment it looked like we’d win. (A whole tank was smashed by the piano!) But then someone shot Aladdin’s carpet as he was flying around, and he fell and broke his arm. I was watching from the side with horror as more Disney characters fell. I knew I had to do SOMETHING, since I was sure that a story would be lost forever if its characters died, and there was something just so WRONG about shooting down cartoons.

I went to the room where the Beast’s rose was, and sat down to think of a solution. That’s when Jiminy Cricket’s voice said, “Objects can be brought to life with the locket your mother gave you.” I removed the heart shaped gold locket from around my neck and tried to open it, though I was doubtful it’d open as I had tried opening it many times before. Surprisingly, it sprung open, to reveal a single grain of rice. That’s when I remembered a line from the movie Mulan: “A single grain of rice can tip the scale. One person can be the difference between victory and defeat.”

I had no clue what to do with the grain of rice, so I just ate it. And the inanimate objects of the castle came to life! I ordered all of the Disney characters to come back inside the castle, and remain safe. Then, I commanded the objects to charge the enemy, with me leading them. I knew I’d probably die, but the stories and characters just HAD to be saved.

I woke up when I stepped out of the castle to face the enemy.

…yea. My mind is weird. :( I woke up feeling so sad about some of the Disney stories being lost forever. It took me a few minutes to realize it was a dream.
I don’t actually have that locket, btw. I dislike both hearts and gold. :p


  1. Can almost see parts of another Disney Movie coming through here! Very detailed. Strong voice! Great flow of events and pacing!

  2. Thank you! There's apparently a Disney game out there with all the characters in it. I'm forgetting the name.

    Remind me to never play that game - I might get addicted!

  3. Hey this is nice... Seriously. :) Though some where around the third line I could almost predict that it'd end in 'waking up from a dream'. But that's just me... I like the way you ended it with a little self-deprecating humor. :P

  4. Hehe, thanks! I did start off by saying it was a dream, though. :P

    I don't know where I get these crazy dreams from. I should probably post more of 'em!

  5. Holy Cow! Radically detailed dreams ;-)

  6. Haha, yup! :D Unfortunately(or fortunately?) this is an every night occurrence.