Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Warrior Princess

The horse is one of my favourite animals. I'm a dreamer, and have always wanted to learn how to ride, just to pretend to be some warrior princess, riding into the sunset in a cloak that whipped about in the wind, and a legendary sword at my side!

As a kid, I'd pester my mother to buy me horse.

"But where would we keep it, honey?"

"In our backyard! It has a fence!" (Our backyard was hardly big enough for me to do a cartwheel in.) Ah...ignorance is bliss, is it not?

Anyway, after years of dreaming and moving from city to city, I was finally able to ride a horse. It belonged to my husband's friend, who is a very good rider. His horse, Aldebro, is a HUMONGOUS fellow. The friend had to push me up onto the saddle, and even so, I struggled, legs wildly flailing about and all!

I've ridden a pony once, as a child, and remember getting highly annoyed that the carnival bloke wouldn't let go of the damn reins, and let me ride free.

My husband's friend DID let go of the reins and I was amazed that I stayed on the saddle! The horse walked around in circles, and I immediately began to daydream my warrior princess fantasy. Suddenly, Aldebro started to speed up.

"Whoa! How do I slow it down?" I was quite close to panicking!

"You were thinking 'fast' weren't you? Think 'slow'!" was the reply.

Skeptical, I thought of going slower, and to my surprise, the horse was slowing down. It turns out horses can actually read the rider's mind! Or at least feel the effects on the body that a thought has. I tried it out a couple of times, thinking about speeding up and slowing down, and Aldebro followed my thoughts accordingly. When we think about going slow, we automatically lean back and relax in the saddle, and the horse feels it. Same thing vice versa!

It was absolutely fascinating!

And now, I've told the friend that I will keep poking him until he agrees to teach me how to ride properly. One of these days, I actually *am* going to take off into the sunset!


  1. whoa.... is this for real???? i am serious.... it sounds amazing that horses are so in tune with its rider. wow:)

  2. This made me smile. Its always the best thing in the world when we get to live out our fantasies. You were almost there. All you need is a sword and a green fringed shawl. Keep your fantasies alive, keep dreaming. In the meanwhile you can be that warrior princess on a day to day basis until its time to ride into that sunset.