Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ZOMG I've got a cell phone!

I find it rather amusing the way some people these days can’t seem to live without their cell phones. Adults at least have the “excuse” of doing “work”, I suppose, but I've seen children fall prey to the digital world too. I find it kinda frightening, in a way, too.

I’m not really one of those people that think that a 10-year-old should have his/her very own cell phone. There’s too much dependence on other people to make you feel happy, constantly, and then BOOM! - you’re trapped for life.

Yesterday, I slipped into a restaurant to eat lunch, alone. I love sitting at cafes and restaurants to collect my thoughts with the pleasant buzz of chatter in the air, and to observe the people around me. There was a group of students that looked like they were in 6th grade, giggling and having a good time. It brought back my own memories, and made me smile. Then, they started pulling out their cell phones and comparing them. Each ONE of them had a phone, and they owned expensive models at that. I found it a little strange and…a little sad.

I know I’m not that old, but really, when I was in 6th grade, someone having a cell phone would be the odd one out, not the other way around. It just seems redundant to let children have cell phones, unless it’s simply a security measure taken by parents when their children go out.

These kiddos were gushing about how awesome text messaging is and how they stay up late at night to send messages - "Oh I TOTALLY love sending messages half asleep!!" - "ZOMG you do that too?? Me TOO!" - and call people once their parents are tucked in. It was almost frightening to see how obsessed with the phones they were. They were 10, at the most 11, years old.

Perhaps I’m biased, because I dislike talking on the phone at all, to the chagrin of my friends and family. But, seriously, I think these gadget obsessions shouldn’t be encouraged at such a young age.


  1. I so agree with the thought... I just hope, the next generation doesn't put it down to what we called the "Generation Gap!" :)

  2. We'll be old farts, you and I, grumbling about "kids these days." ;)

    Oh, wait, looks like I've begun already! :P