Friday, August 17, 2007

The wheel keeps turning...

It's funny how crudely ironic Nature can be....

Another birthday...another year older...this time, on the very same day, someone passed away...

Nature does have a very distorted sense of humour.

I say, don't take anyone or anything for granted.

It's so easy to blame someone else for our own faults, but taking the little pinch to our ego and saying "I'm sorry" is really worthwhile in the end.

It's so easy to brush things casually aside leaving them always for "tomorrow", but then we find them ages later, rusting on dusty shelves.

It's so easy to talk bad about someone; to bitch and gossip. But my question is, why waste our breath on someone we dont like??

It's so easy to forget the 100 good things someone has done for us, as our memory is clouded by the 1 bad thing they did to hurt us.

We come, we live, we go...and the wheel keeps turning...


  1. The wheel will anyhow keep turning, but the fact is as we live, make it a life worth remembrance for others. Life is not be measured by its length but by its breadth.
    There is a nice poem by saint kabir in hindi which goes as
    "Jab ham aaye duniya hasi aur ham roye, par kuch aise karm kar jao ki jab hum jaye, ham hase aur duniya roye."

  2. carve ur name on dat wheel
    we come, we live, we go bt we will be remembered