Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Squeeze time like a lemon...

When wonderful people enter your life, squeeze time like a lemon:

Extract as much juice as you can, cherish each moment, relish in their affection, their companionship. Love them while you can and learn as much from them as you can, for you never know when your paths may diverge…


  1. Rather a better way of looking at the situation is, enjoy the moment, live every moment. For who knows what lies tomorrow.
    Else what you have written makes other's reading it feel, they are interacting with an opportunist.

  2. I see what you mean...sorry, I did not intend it to sound opportunistic.

    What I was looking at was how it would be sad if a person you really connect with was snatched away from you before you had a chance to really love them and to cherish your relationship (whether a friend, a teacher...),that is, it shouldn't be taken for granted...

    the analogy is how precious each drop of juice from a fruit is. Nothing should be wasted. Nothing should be left behind. Each should be appreciated.

  3. yeah i did get ur message in the very first read, but for anyone else reading it for the first time, will never able to decipher the feeling present in between the lines.

  4. Manu, you are slightly correct but i think the second sentence makes her intentions clear. dont you think?